A Review of John Calub’s “Attracting Wealth” Seminar

"Either you think - or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you."  F. Scott Fitzgerald

      Is John Calub, the “Wealth Guru” & Motivational Speaker from Philippines, for REAL or is he a Big Hoax?

      Just this December 4th, I attended John Calub’s seminar entitled 'Attracting Wealth: “How To Program Your Mind For Success in 21 Days”’. There were 2,000 participants, each paying either the discounted rate of Php 3,000 ($70) or the full ticket price of Php 8,000 ($185) which, in Philippine currency, is considered to be on the expensive side for an 8AM-6PM workshop. I heard about him only last month and thus decided to see for myself what his program was all about since a few friends were inviting me to try it out. 

      As an investigative journalist, health researcher and an Associate Financial Planner, personally, I would not recommend ANYONE who seriously wants to achieve both financial and spiritual abundance to attend John Calub seminars. Below are the TOP 5 REASONS why John Calub is not your best bet for achieving financial freedom:

1.) John Calub executes his “Attracting Wealth” seminar though an Über GRAND SHOW with strobe lights and smoke machines.

      Real deal and credible mentors in finance like Noel Arandilla, Rex Mendoza and Randell Tiongson have helped - and continue to help - hundreds of thousands of Filipinos achieve their dreams and financial freedom without the need for hypnosis, brainwashing, disco lights and smoke machines.

      Only so-called wealth gurus who have very little substantial ideas for building solid financial (and even spiritual) wealth, i.e. John Calub, will resort to fancy distractions such as strobe lights and dreamy smoke machines to impress - if not to hypnotize - those from the audience who are highly impressionable. (NOTE: Strobe light hypnosis works on highly suggestible individuals when lights flash at 60 Hz; and thus the brain will tend to slow down until it’s in alpha state.)

       When it comes to learning more about the LAW OF ATTRACTION, people are better off buying their own copies of self-help and motivational books; going online and learning through awesome programs offered by websites such as http://www.simpleology.com/; and taking charge in managing their own financial investments with the help of revolutionary financial advisers.

2.) “The Secret” is not the answer to unlocking the so-called infinite potential of both man and the Universe. Over-optimism is just another word for DELUSION. Watch this RSA Animate video to more clearly understand why too much of anything, including that of positive thinking, can lead to disastrous results. At the end of the day, we must exercise a balance between idealism and realism, or what I personally call “IDEAREALISM”. As Ayn Rand once said, “Facts cannot be altered by a wish, but they can destroy the wisher.” And beyond repulsion, I am deeply disgusted as to how a man like John Calub can charge so much money and merely promote wishful thinking instead of critical thinking. And if there is anything people should UNLEARN, it is that of blindly following ideas and authorities.

3.) EXPENSIVE DREAMS & CHEAP FOOD: John Calub claims that he is a “multi, multi, multi, multi-millionaire”; he charged a minimum of Php 3,000 per participant, making a gross profit of at least 6 MILLION pesos for the December 4th “Attracting Wealth” seminar alone; but he served participants who paid GOOD MONEY for this seminar SPOILED LUNCH (stinky adobo chicken and low-grade rice in a cheap styro) and a super lame and soggy sandwich for snacks.

        NO REAL MULTI, MULTI, MULTI, MULTI-MILLIONAIRE would risk his credibility for an expensive “Attracting Wealth” program by serving CHEAP, DISGUSTING, SPOILED FOOD to his participants.

       What possible questions can one raise with this kind of mediocrity? One, is John Calub himself so desperate to pocket every single peso he can from this seminar to pay off his own debts because of his excessively luxurious lifestyle, which can - DUH - only lead to debt in the long run? Two, if he boasts that he likes wearing his Php 500,000 ($11,500) Versace coat and spends at least Php 40,000 ($920) for a pair of shoes, why can’t he serve decent food to his participants if money is no issue to him at all? (NOTE: Google Nicolas Cage and his filing for bankruptcy and Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world’s very simple lifestyle.)

       Freedom is connected with Debt Elimination for each individual. John Calub’s series of Dream Board and Dream Book suggestions of what people must visualize to attain (e.g. mansions, yachts, jets, branded clothes, jewelry, expensive cars, etc.) will only certainly drive more people into debt because of the hidden costs (for maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc.) of such acquisitions. Bottomline: That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.

4.) The Battle for Your Mind: Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today. John Calub dedicated more than an hour of his seminar advertising his newest seminar (for another 3,000 to 8,000 Philippine pesos) about “ULTRA-MAGNETIC PERSUASION: How To Become A Master Influencer” (Want to know how you can get everybody to say YES to you?). 

       When John Calub asked the 2,000-strong audience that day as to who wanted to learn absolute control over others so they will always get a YES (and never again to get a NO) from people, I was able to witness the most horrifying sight that reminded me of Nazi Germany: About 98% of all the people there raised their hands and screamed “YES!”

      Here’s the rub: What can truly empower people is not CONTROL over the minds of others but sincere love and respect for humanity. Though I come from a family of very persuasive leaders, speakers and intellectuals, I am proud to say that I NEVER ENGAGE WITH MIND CONTROL. With all my heart, mind and soul, I welcome REJECTIONS and OPPOSITION. I handle OBJECTIONS fair and square. I do so because only an environment with unconditional love promotes critical thinking. Unconditional love means that even if we have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge, information and skills, we must respect other people and allow them to exercise their own volition when it comes to processing the ideas and suggestions presented to them. John Calub robs people - most especially those who are highly impressionable - of their basic human right to CHOOSE with their own FREE WILL.

       The extremes of wealth and poverty all over the world is a direct result of man’s obsession over CONTROL. Control is one of the many tentacles of greed and lust for power.

      As I sat there observing almost everyone brainlessly raising their hands in support of John Calub’s offer to teach them how to PERSUADE people to always say YES, John Calub slowly started morphing into Hitler before my dreamy eyes…thanks to the fancy smoke machines and strobe lights! LOL. :))

5.) And last but not the least, here is the scientific explanation behind the “firewalk mystery” of John Calub’s THE FIREWALK BOOTCAMP : Mastering The Laws of Prosperity To Fireproof Your Dreams (which goes for another Php 25,000 per participant for the April 2011, 3-Day Workshop). The mind-over-matter myth behind firewalking has even been scientifically busted by Discovery Channel’s MythBusters.

       I can definitely drop more info bombs for the ultimate kill, but I’ll leave it to just 5 reasons since I believe that if you have already been under the spell, ergo, you have already been fully brainwashed by John Calub, NO AMOUNT OF LOGIC will penetrate your poor skull.

      So, yeah. LOL :)) I’ll stop here. This is more than enough to encourage CRITICAL THINKING among those of you out there with stronger hearts, minds and souls.





Love and Light,

Andrea Toledo, AFP (TM).

Associate Financial Planner. Investigative Journalist. Geek for the Greater Good.        


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